Dear Internauts,

Last week I returned home from the hospital after a wild night Wednesday, May 29th. Earlier that day I ended up closing a blue-matter rift, opening a plethora more, and nearly killing myself!

As you can see I’m not dead, but I needed a day or two to get back on my feet. Nearly having your head incinerated will do that to you! I’ve been portal-hopping for the last week or so trying to ensure my little boo-boo didn’t have any unspeakably horrific outcomes for anyone else. So far I think we’re in the clear!

The love notes and well wishes really meant a lot to me in the face of mass speculations and outcries from the scientific community. I think I’ve gained a new perspective on life. But nearly having your face smeared like butter will do that to you!

I want to stress that The Walter Robotics Expo is going on as planned, just like my dad said. We are in full swing here at Walter Manor and July 18th is just around the bend! If my efforts weren’t already exhaustive, I now have an even more fervid passion to make this event go off with a bang. But nearly having your eyeballs blown to the back of your head will do that to you!

I should really get back to work. I need to prep a portal to the eighth dimension so I can feed my cat (who is from the eighth dimension and as you all know can therefore only eat food from the eighth dimension) and pick up Norman’s monthly Quantum Gyro.
No, I totally mean the kind with the tzatziki sauce. Not everything I say is something scientific and crazy.

Also, what the hell is this?

Meh, probably nothing I should be concerned about.

Stay Fresh Robut Enthusiasts and See You at WRX,
Your Pal,
Your Friend,
Your Bro,
But Not Your Brah,

Peter Walter VI

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